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Here we would like to show you what is actually behind the name Paintball Sports. Most will know our online store and who comes from the region, which may have been one or the other time on site in the store. But what happens behind the scenes and who do I actually have on the phone when I call Paintball Sports? Here you will find out…

Don’t worry, we don’t want to unpack the big history club at this point and tell you the whole company history. Probably nobody is interested in that anyway. We would like to use this page much more to show you who the people behind the company Paintball Sports actually are and what their respective tasks in the company are. The next time you have a face to the employee with whom you write e-mails or telephone.



Let’s start where most of you come into contact with us for the first time, namely in the Paintball Sports Store. In our approx. 330sqm large store in Hannover, Langenhagen Michael Kussmaul and Benjamin Wille are at your side as experienced consultants with a total of over 30 years of paintball experience. Both always have an open ear for your questions about equipment, upgrades and what else there is to know in paintball. While Benni has been with us for several years now, Micha only joined our team at the beginning of 2019. It was a conscious decision, because he is not only an excellent marker technician, but really a veteran of the German paintball scene (DareDevils founding member) and a familiar face in northern Germany.


Richard, who most of you probably know by his nickname “Haui”, and his colleague Pascal are the front line in customer service. Whether you send us an e-mail or pick up the phone, you will usually have one of the two young gentlemen sitting at the other end. They have heard every supposedly “stupid” question dozens of times and will gladly tell you anything you want to know about our product range, the ordering process or the like. Small note at this point – “stupid” questions do not exist. – No master has fallen from the sky and the guys are there to give you answers to your questions, so that you get to know and understand your paintball equipment and the sport even better. So do not be afraid and just ask them…


Ordered today and delivered tomorrow. – How do they do that? We get a lot of positive feedback from you about our shipping service and the fast delivery times. We pass this praise directly on to Matze and Nicole. They are our warehouse team and take care of all your online store orders and the replenishment in our daily business. They are the heart of the company, so to speak. All items that leave our house go through these delicate hands. With several thousand items always in stock, it’s easy to lose track of everything… but not Nikki and Matze! The two of them actually always know where every single item is. They make sure that your orders are not only complete and well packed, but also delivered damn fast.


If you have a problem with your marker, then we have the solution. – It is called Andreas Schneider! Andi is our workshop manager and takes care of the techservice and all paintball marker repairs in our house. He has over 15 years of experience and knows almost every marker model on the market. With him your marker is always in good hands. In addition, Andi represents us at various events and big games to offer you the best possible tech support on site.


Let’s get to the painting by numbers. If you’ve ever wondered who wrote our Paintball Sports magazine or why our webshop actually looks like this, you now know the answer: Gene-Phil Dressen is the man behind our external presentation. Whenever our company is presented in a picture, these graphics have passed over his desk and have been approved by him. Gene has not only been part of the Paintball Sports core team for years, he is also still an active player, be it in the league with our factory team Hannover Showdown or at MagFed events like Operation Black Sky….


The brothers Karl Plinke & Ludwig Plinke founded the company in 2006. Starting in the basement of their parents (then still Paintball Shop Hannover) the company developed over the years to what it is today. Paintball Sports. Most people will probably know Karl’s face. He is now and then in the store on the way and one meets him for example also on the larger Paintball Events in Europe, like the euro Big Game, or as a player in the DPL for the work team Hanover Showdown. His brother Ludwig Plinke is more in the background. He takes care of the organizational processes of the company in the back office and makes sure that everyone with his “aches and pains” is helped. Together they have been running the family business since day one.

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