Ego / Etek HUSH Tuning Bolt von TechT (2. Generation!)
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Der Hush Bolt ist ab sofort in der neusten Generation erhältlich!

Der "HUSH" Tuning Bolt aus dem Hause Techt setzt neue Maßstäbe und verbessert die Performance Eures Ego oder Etek Markeirers deutlich. TechT steht für qualitativ hochwertigstes Markierer Tuning im High-End Bereich. Das kann der neue "HUSH" Bolt: – verbessertes Design, dadurch leiseres Schussgeräusch – weniger Gasverbrauch und bessere Schussperformance – super leichtes Design mit nur 15,5 Gramm (ohne Pin) – bessere Anpassung an den Ball, dadurch weniger Ballbrakes – R.A.D. (Ramp Assisted Detent), ermöglicht wesentlich sanftere Schusszyklen und eine Schonung der Balldetents. Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers: Why Uprade? Quiet Operation- the Hush Bolt was designed to have a less abrupt "pop" and be a quiter sound signature- comprable to our L7 Bolt series. This means your field position in the woods is compromised less and players can communicate easier on the speedball field. Increased Efficiency- the combination of the Even-Flow face and our unique o-ring configuration allows the Hush Bolt to seal the routing of air directly through the face. This results in less air being leaked around the bolt itself- which means far less wasted air. The Even-Flo Face also allows for extremly unform airflow- this means tighter groupings and better accuracy. Super Light Design- the Hush Bolt weighs in at only grams 15.5 Grams!(o-ringed/ without the pin) 100% Ertalyte TX construction means you are getting the lightest, fastest bolt possible. The use of Ertalyte TX allows for a less porous, more durable surface than standard delrin. Ertalyte TX is stronger and has a better wear life than standard delrin. Radial Ramping Face- our Hush Bolt features a Radial Ramping Face which allows for less ball stack clipping, which means less broken paint in your breech. R.A.D.- Our Ramp Assisted Detent groove allows for much smoother operation, and prolongs the life of your ball detents.

Passend für alle Ego und Etek Modelle mit Cure Bolt.

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